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We knew from the onset – the grocery store is operating in a tough business environment as many grocery stores trending now such as 99 Speedmart, Az Zain, and others.

Many hypermarkets are slowly becoming a dying breed as people now tend to get monthly groceries from a grocery shop for faster purchase. As we all know, many hypermarkets promotion is just a bait, as 40% of the purchase of the items by the customer is a non-promo item. As such, 10-20% of the purchase of the items is not needed in our monthly budget.

With funds invested by Coach Fadzil Hashim, our Founder and CEO, Alhamdulillah on 16th December 2017, we opened our first community grocer, Malakat Grocer, formerly known as Malakat Mart Bandar Baru Bangi, at No 8, Jalan 8/1, Seksyen 8 Bandar Baru Bangi.

With a mission of unifying our grocery spending for our Save the World initiatives, Coach Fadzil’s main mission is to use our buying power to give back to the world communities, in 3 main areas, health, education, and financial assistance.

Save the World initiatives basically is to give free healthcare, free tertiary education, and free non-riba loan. We are targeting 1000 stores in Malaysia, with 1 store serving 1000 families in the community area. Assuming 1 family consist of 5 members, we are serving 5000 people per area.

If 1 family spend RM500 per month for grocery, for 1000 families we will get RM500K revenue, and for one year we will get RM6 million revenue for 1 store. If we have 1000 stores, we will get a total revenue of RM6 billion.

Assuming a 10% margin from this revenue, it will give us RM600 million. Half of this profit will cover our operation cost, and half will be used for our Save the World initiatives. Imagine how much we can do and give back to our communities with this RM300 million.

Malakat Grocer setup is different from other normal grocery shops. One of our main highlights is we do double halal verification, meaning we double-check their halal status to ensure our products in-store is halal. We also provide free delivery services to our community area. To add on, we also sell gas and all items can be ordered online using our online shop.

Coach Fadzil’s mission is to be one of the largest community grocers in Malaysia and Indonesia. We welcome every community in every neighbourhood to invest in this Community Grocer. A Grocer that serves with the best interest of the local community.

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